Short Film Wins Audience Choice

I had the pleasure of teaming up once again with Alden Miller and Zodiac Cinema for the 2014 Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City Fiery Wheel-Of-Film competition. Our randomly-selected genre, “Corporate Training Film,” was an odd one but we accepted the challenge.

The gamble paid off! “Welcome to Parenthood,” for which I wrote the script, placed third overall in the competition by a panel of judges. More exciting was our win for Audience Choice!

Sure, first place is a great goal to shoot for. Honestly, though, I would rather win the room than the panel. After all, it is the audience I am writing for! That they selected our film is a testament to the talent we had on hand for every aspect of production.

Writing, directing, acting and editing; it all came together!

Keep an eye on my ‘Film’ page for the film when it becomes publicly available. Congratulations to cast and crew; wonderful job!



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